Why Rent

Total fashion freedom!! Get that one-of-a-kind outfit without the commitment! If you have an event in mind or just feel like dressing up, you now have the opportunity to rent our pieces without the need to purchase. Happy you and happy Earth! 


At Trippy Hippy we are concerned with the environmental impact the fashion industry has on our planet. Its so sad to see amazing items sit in the back of a closet. So why not rent? If you love you can buy it! 


If you're a photographer, or need some items for shoot, or maybe your a musician and have a concert, whatever the situation, its an easy way to get some unique couture pieces without the stress.  We have complete looks, and a whole studio of accessories we are eager to help you get the look you need.  Our in house stylist is always up for a challenge, send us a message and we will see what we can do. 


How It Works 

Please get in touch for enquiries, renting items is at the discretion of Trippy Hippy, and any clothing and/ or accessories must be treated with care and responsibility.

Items are loaned at a price of 20% of their original retail value. (covering the dry cleaning costs and minor damages, esp. during Covid)

All rented items must be returned clean, and in perfect condition. If items are not returned or are returned in poor condition Trippy Hippy has the authority to deduct at its discretion the whole or partial cost of items through a onetime deduction.

A refundable deposit of the full amount of the rented items is required to rent, when the items are returned and inspected the full deposit will be returned if all items are in great condition. 

All items must be returned within one week from the decided return date (after end of event/shoot) that the items are being rented for. If late, you agree to a $50.00/day late fee for items returned after the expected return date.

Renting parties must sign a rental agreement before items can be rented.

All items that are rented and not returned within 30 days of the original rental date, the deposit will be taken. 

Please remember to credit Trippy Hippy in all works in which garments are used.

Please Get in Touch for Enquiries