Garment Care

So you’ve got your hands on a Trippy Hippy one-of-a-kind piece, and now you need to know how to care for it...
As all pieces are handmade, it means they may not be colourfast. So to keep pieces looking new, please HAND WASH in cold water, on its own or with similar colours. Do this using mild detergent and COLD water.  After DO NOT use HEAT to dry. Just ring out your piece and hang to dry. Do not leave in direct sunlight as your cool bright pieces may fade.
As some pieces have specialty fabric please do take care when wearing your piece, we would hate for your piece to rip or tear, but if it does please feel free to contact me and see what can be done about it! Obviously if your jumping through fire and over barbed wire fences, raving the night through....then your piece will probably not have a happy ending!