Trippy Hippy Women's Denim- Trend Report

Trippy Hippy Women's Denim- Trend Report

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This year has been crazy worldwide, and all we want is to be comfortable. We have seen a massive shift in the fashion industry who have heard us and are trying to make our dreams come true! 


Unsurprisingly, skinny jeans are dead. Fairwell,sayonara, see you later. I for one am tired of squeezing into those skin-tight high rise jeans that I cannot bare to wear anymore. Feeling comfortable in clothes is important, and I think we all saw the end of the skinny denim era with the rise of jeggings, clearly a sign that we needed to make a shift. 


So here is a list of some must-have jean styles we love in 2021. 


1. Upcycled Denim

Oh, we at Urban Thrift are all about this look. With the rise of circular fashion, and sustainability we are fully behind this trend! Get your craft on; find your “new” pair of jeans secondhand and make those yours, with denim patches, upcycling some of your old jeans is sure to help you stand out in 2021. Plus it's a great way to keep our little planet happy, circular fashion is here to stay.


2. Super Baggy Jeans

It's all about comfort and we just can't be working from home squished into those tight styles anymore. Pair this look with a great belt to cinch in the waist, and say hello to denim freedom.


3.Straight Leg


This style isn’t going anywhere in 2021, “less tapered than the mom jean, but less flared than the raver styles of the Y2K era, the silhouette drops straight from the thigh. It might be cropped, or, more likely, hits the tops of your shoes, softly breaking like a tailored trouser.” says Liz Guber,of The Kit. 


This look is easily paired up or down, opt for lighter washes and shades to give that throwback feel to your look. 


4. Flared Jeans


Now, for my personal favourite, Flared Jeans. The inner hippy inside is always waiting for flares to come back in and it couldn't have come at a better time. Nostalgia is always knocking on our door and who turns it away? Keep it simple with a cute flowy blouse, tank or go full-on bohemian and grab your platform clogs, headband, and Tambourine and rejoice. 


5. Distressed Denim

If you aren’t tired of people asking “Did you pay extra for the holes” then this look is still for you. Don’t overdo it (or do, if you’re like me) However you like to rock your distressed jeans, be it rips, bleached or frayed go out there and let your rocker-vibe roll. Pair easily with a simple tee and trainers, or style it up with a wicked vintage jacket. 



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Written By: Victoria Patterson Designer of Trippy Hippy

Written For: Urban Thrift