Trippy Hippy Platform Shoes

Trippy Hippy Platform Shoes 

Shoes : Dolls Kill 

Whether you’re goth, an alien star child, sophisticated fashionista or magical rainbow hippy, there is a fascination with platform shoes.  Is it the desire to tower over the world like the gorgeous models that grace our magazines? Or perhaps to give an ironic eye-catching fashion punch as you stroll down the streets? Whatever it is we love them and need them in our lives! (Even if it is a sure fire way to topple over and sprain an ankle.)

Platforms are nothing new, from stilettos walking into the lives of post WWII women, to the towering platform boots of the 70`s and now the return of the 90’s with the statement “Spice Girls” platform trainers, Welcome back 90’s! We missed you! I know I’ve longed for the chance to wear my towering 70`s boots, for the mere chance to glide up in the clouds and be the model stature I`ve always longed to be! From Harajuku girls in Tokyo to the closets of ravers and festival-goers this is a cyclical style that is never gone for too long.

One of the wonderful things about this fashion statement is its diversity. Marc Jacobs last fall was overrun with vamp-goth-couture sky high boots that nearly stole the show, with possibly only Lady Gaga thinking they could possibly be higher. To the sophistication of Stella McCartney with her Elyse shoes.  Then we have the amazing selection at Dolls Kill from holographic rainbows, to clear glitter “flatforms” packed with all kinds of magical goodies. We are literally watering at the mouth for these bold statement pieces, and with all this selection we are struggling to choose.

Although this trend has been around the block a few times, there is great reason to update those heavy old trucker clunkers of a shoe.  With a new era comes a new sense of lightness and wearability, which will be sure to keep you soaring above the clouds.  Here are a few happy reminders from the best of the best in shoe sophistication. Sandra Choi says to “Glide Gracefully” and she insists practice makes perfect. And practice we shall because, with this sense of new-found stature comes a very real chance of thumping around like an elephant.  “Don’t feel like you’re walking on stilts”. said Edgardo Osorio, the designer behind shoe brand Aquazzura.   He cautioned if your shoes are too high its hard to exude grace. Kari Molvar with the Wallstreet journal writes “A good rule of thumb is: the higher the heel, the longer the hem.” Mini skirts and shorter hems will look even shorter with the extra height given by these shoes. So try pairing longer flowy outfits like those harem pants you have stashed away or long (sometimes frumpy maxi dresses) with these fashion forward statement shoes to bring a new life and refreshing “pow” to your comfy dumpy clothes.

Although we are a generation run by nostalgia, the world does seem to evolve in its own way. We have stepped away from the Spice Girls’ clunky near-death platform trainers to a slightly more modest approach, leaving us a little more likely to glide down the streets with a new found confidence. (Although I am running to the store for my rainbow sky high pair) We have the options and it’s up to you to find your perfect pair. 


Written By: Victoria Patterson Designer of Trippy Hippy 

Written For: Wild Thing Blog