Trippy Hippy Men's Denim- Trend Report

Trippy Hippy Men's Denim- Trend Report

In these casual times, jeans are more of a staple than ever. Everyone needs a couple of pairs to cover your comfy-casual days in, or even that inevitable return back to the office, here are the styles that cover all the "In's" (and "outs") for 2021. (Spoiler, bootcut will not be making a comeback anytime soon. Pffff)⠀

1. 9T's Baby⠀
Now, this isn't news to anyone that the 90's vibe is back in full swing, but it's taking denim by storm! Think looser fitting with faded wash blues, pair it with your favourite sweatshirt and some throwback accessories and your look is complete! ⠀


2. Rolled Hems⠀

This look works best with more rigid denim that will hold its shape. Exposing those ankles and giving your jeans a new look. Now you can have a more tapered look without a lot of effort, and it gets rid of any cankles as well by stopping any bunching up above the shoe. ⠀

So find your coolest socks, a great pair of trainers and start rolling! ⠀


3. Dad Denim⠀
Yes, we all know what this is... That pair of jeans your dad is wearing whilst mowing the grass, yes those, they are now in, bonus if you and your dad are the same sizes, you might be able to sneak an old pair. 

Dad Jeans are winning designers over with their relaxed and laid back vibe, which is also the key to adding this style into your summer wardrobe. Keep it simple, and effortless and you'll do your old man proud. ⠀

4. Bright Whites
Yes we know, white can be a bit scary (esp with BBQ season fast approaching)! But it can be worth the extra effort to stay stain-free, not only will it bring out your gorgeous tan, but it may even allow you to stay outside for more than a couple of minutes in the sun without burning up! ⠀
A couple of simple tips to help make this trend more wearable; Try and stay away from jeans that are too skinny or too wide, and off-white is your friend, no need to be wearing snow white. ⠀

5. Distressed Denim⠀
This trend can be easily overdone, and even I am a fashion victim of this, sometimes less is more, when your jeans are more holes than well, jeans, you may be taking it a step too far!



Trippy Hippy Men's Denim- Trend Report

Written By: Victoria Patterson Designer of Trippy Hippy

Written For: Urban Thrift