London Fashion Week Trippy Hippy Eyelucidate

London Fashion Week Trippy Hippy Eyelucidate

Trippy Hippy’s ”Eyelucidate” is inspired by the sense of clarity, to free and open the mind. To Elucidate.

The brands true colours shine through in this latest collection (quite literally), with the use of hand-picked worldly patterned fabrics, bright faux furs and eyes poppin’ to tie an eclectic array of different fabrics and trimmings together.

The use of eyes is continually present in the designer, Victoria Patterson’s mind. Symbols are featured prominently, such as the ”evil eye”, the ”all seeing eye”, even the eyes of you and I, supposedly acting as a vision into our souls. We can also see the character of the brand shining through with signature fringe and pompoms bringing even more life to the pieces.




Victoria Patterson, the designer of the brand, is an artist at heart. Bringing her visions to life is her passion, with all of the pieces designed and painstakingly hand-made in her workshop in London. Making each piece a one of a kind work of art with sustainability in mind, Victoria is continually pushing to use recycled fabrics and approaching designs with slow fashion at heart. Peace & Love!


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