London Fashion Week Simon Mo - Insomniac Parade

London Fashion Week Simon Mo - Insomniac Parade

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Simon Mo’s Insomniac Parade ironically reflects on the modern impact of light pollution on our ever disappearing primal, wild and dark sky. The collection influenced by Paul Bogards “The End Of Night”, speaks of the night being as light as day, artificial light giving way to the tiny beaming little stars a million miles away.

Simon Mo Runway Image SS20 Girl with glasses

The fleeting night sky, and our modern love of neon lit streets are reflected in Mo’s SS20 collection. We can see this with a key focus on classic pyjama silhouettes, dramatic star prints, neon trimmings, mixed vintage blanket prints, topped off with printed metallic gauze's to resemble a halo of light.

Simon Mo Image of Male Model On Runway

Pairing beautifully with the dynamic pieces was the makeup, which recreated the stary night sky. Displaying vibrant blues and pinks, and touches of sparkle. Reminding us of the seriousness our love for light has on our nocturnal wildlife, plants and ourselves.

Simon Mo Runway Image Girl With Light Up Glasses

Simon Mo’s idea to hold an insomniac party for all those who cannot sleep, is one fashionable party I can really get out of bed for.


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Simon Mo

London Fashion Week Simon Mo - Insomniac Parade


Photography and Writing By:

Victoria Patterson 

Designer of Trippy Hippy Clothing

First Image By: George Althaus


Photo Credit: London Olios 


Trippy Hippy Clothing

Written By: Victoria Patterson Designer of Trippy Hippy 

Written For: London Olios Magazine